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US Divisions and Special Units

# 82-1 First Division

Insignia, "15" above, top scalloped,spear shaped partitions

# 82-2 First Division

Crossed sabers [cavalry insignia],[troop] "C" above.

# 82-3 First Division

Horse head, CAV above.H.13 1/4"

# 144-1 Fifth Division

Insignia in diamond shape embossed background. H.10"

# 144-2 Fifth Division

Nicknamed "Red Devils" by the Germans

# 151-1 Sixth Division

Number 11 at each point of a triangle, flanked by AEF and 1918

# 151-2 Sixth Division

Six point star on an embossed background. Fluted. H. 13,5'. Golden paint

# 119-1 27th Division

Crown of arches, banner VERDUN, then 104 [Machine Gun Battalion], crossed cannons, engraved ARGONNE MEUSE and 1917-18

# 119-2 27th Division

Letters N and Y [New York] combined in a circle with the seven stars of Orion [A pun to Maj.Gen. O'Ryan]. Spoked circles pattern, H. 13"

# 81-1 28th Division

2 1/4" diameter. Top and bottom flared. No headstamp. Insignia with US, star.

# 81-2 28th Division

2 pieces encased, possibly 3Pdr British. Embossed roll.

# 92-1 28th Division- Medical

The Caduceus adorns the 28th Division insignia. Dots engraving on a fluted shell. H.8,5"

# 51-1 30th Division

Old Hickory initials and XXX [30 in Roman numerals] worn horizontally during WW1.

# 51-4 30th Division

14 and 18 beside the insignia, AEF, and FRANCE.

# 51-3 30th Division

Embossed background with large flower.

# 85-1 32nd Division

Insignia : Arrow piercing ennemy line. Embossed background.

# 85-2 32nd Division

Toul, Alsace, Ch.-Thierry [Chateau-T].

# 85-3 32nd Division

Soissons, Verdun, Argonne [Offensive].

# 138-1 36th Division T Texas

Insignia with banner.Caliber 37-85. Dot punches, H.3,5"

# 105-1 79th Division

Insignia ( Cross of Lorraine) and heraldic styled Eagle.

# 105-2 79th Division

Embossed background.H.9''

# 30-1 81st Division 318th Artillery

Embossed and fluted, features the "Wildcat" insignia, FRANCE, initials C,O,L.

# 30-3 81st Division 318th Artillery

318, crossed cannons,"F"[battery F], 1918-19, scalloped top and bottom band.

# 30-4 81st.Division 318th Artillery

The Wildcat badge was the first authorized by General Pershing.

# 79-1 81st Division 318th Artillery

Engraved. Initials D.W.C. US Eagle holding two flags, 318, crossed cannons [battery] C, and wildcat insignia.

# 79-2 81st Division 318th Artillery

A detail of the wildcat engraved on a zig-zag work.

# 79-4 81st Division 318th Artillery

3 stems of tulips engraved in rib lines.

# 133-1 88th Division

Insignia on an embossed background, fluted shape, dark varnish.

# 133-2 88th Division

American Eagle above WORLDS WAR. H.13.5"

# 128-1 89th Division

Insignia M inverted and W ( MidWest), the ''Rolling W'', from CO,KS,MO. Embossed and fluted. H.11 3/4''.

# 141-1 89th Division

Insignia with MO [Missouri] engraved, framed by a wreath. Fluted. H.11,5"

# 141-2 89th Division

Cross of Lorraine on a background of small square punches

# 150-1 91st Division

Flower on a dotted background, black paint, pie crust top. H.14'

# 150-2 91st Division

Lower band with "pine tree" insignia engraved

# 150-3 91st Division

Top band : SAINT MICHIEL. Underneath: 18; then Sept 13. Lower band: initials UHS?

# 150-4 91st Division

Top band : ARGONNE FOREST then 18; then Sept. 26.

# 150-5 91st Division

Top band: FLANDERS FRONT then 18, then Oct. 31- Nov.10

# 150-7 91st Division

Reserve "Mallet" [ Motor Transport Corps unit 526]

# 150-6 91st Division

Lower band: Corps of Engineers Castle insignia

# 145-1 91st Division

Crossed rifles, 364 Inf [Infantry Regiment] K Co [company]Muese [Meuse] Argonne embossed with pine tree design [nickame of the 91st Div.] H.14". Very even patina

# 74-1 92nd Division

Engraved "France", American Eagle holding US flag and a 3 stripes flag. Crossed cannons.

# 74-2 92nd Division

349th Field Artillery, [battery] S, name : Lewis E. Holmes

# 53-1 Motor Transport Corps

Pair of nickel-chrome plated vases, long flutes .

# 53-2 Motor Transport Corps

11[November]1918, in stippled work.

# 53-3 Motor Transport Corps

AEF,and MTC insignia: Spoked wheel and Mercury's winged hat.

# 53-5 Motor Transport Corps

2nd vase has Fleur-de-Lis symbol.

# 53-6 Motor Transport Corps

Also Prussian iron Cross , 1914 and W [ Kaiser Wilhelm ]

# 53-7 Motor Transport Corps

A in a circle [Third Army insignia].

# 53-8 Motor Transport Corps

Detail of stippled work.

# 136-1 Railheads & Regulating Stations

Insignia in an embossed background on a fluted body. H 13"

# 75-1 Advance Section

Special unit. Cross of Lorraine insignia, AS [Advance Section Service of Supply] AEF.

# 75-2 Advance Section

One stem, two 4-petaled flowers, on an embossed background.

# 75-3 Advance Section


# 58-1 9th Corps

Fluted, with the insignia in Roman numerals.

# 58-2 9th Corps

Included the 33rd and 35th Divisions.

# 58-3 9th Corps

St.Mihiel 1918.

# 121-1 WWII XX Corps

Nicknamed "Ghost Corps", from Patton's Third Army. Fluted, embossed, H. 12.5". Marked 1943.

# 121-2 WWII XX Corps Insignia

Four crampons [represent gripping and tenacious hold], Roman numerals, heraldic shield.

# 121-3 WWII XX Corps

Engraved J. Kiffer and belonged to Tech.Sgt. G. Fletcher, 69th Signal Battalion, Company A.